About our classes


At the Hayasaki Gymnastics Center, we have a class for every level, from  beginners to the most demanding elite athletes. 

Tiny Tots 

This is a great program for parents to burn energy and bond with their children. The program offers  your child a pre-gymnastics experience with you. It's fun and helps build parent-child relationships in a safe environment. 


This program introduces gymnastics in a positive, safe and fun way. We encourage children to learn simple gymnastics skills on floor exercise mat, balance beam, bars, vaulting, tumble track and trampoline.

Our fun-filled pre school program focuses on learning through play. This is an ideal program for every child.

Girls Classes

This progressive class teaches sound gymnastics with an emphasis on fundamentals for all the women's events. Girls are grouped according to age and ability.

Boys Classes    

We focus on basic skills and improving strength and ability. Boys are placed in classes according to age and agility level.

Pre-team/Team for Girls & Boys

A program for serious gymnasts for girls and boys who show a high ability level and desire to pursue competitive gymnastics. 

Tumbling & Trampoline / Cheer Tumbling

A program for anyone who enjoys learning skills and master variety of skills on the floor, trampoline and the tumble Track. We offer the classes for different ages, abilities and for competitive athletes.

Class fees: 

All 60 min. classes will include 55 min. of instruction and a 5 min. transition time between classes.

The following are the monthly (a session) fees for each class offered:

  • $ 38 for once a week per 30 min. class ( $75 for 2 x a week )

  • $ 60 for once a week per 45 min. class ( $115 for 2 x a week )

  • $ 74 for once a week per 60 min. class ( $140 for 2 x a week )

  • $ 110 for once a week per 90 min. class ( $190 for 2 x a week )

  • $ 138 for once a week per 120 min. class ( $200 for 2 x a week)

*Schedules are subject to change and will be updated as soon as possible. Parents must notify coach at least 24 hours in advance for child absence. Parents must inform coach or director at least two weeks prior to child cancellation. 10% discount for 2nd child of a same family. One make up session is allowed per session*